Change of Heart

Contrary to my last blog post, I opted to push my story The Coming of the Spell Caster back on Literotica for no other reason than I was letting them stop me from letting the readers read the story. Which was always the intent.

The Coming of the Spell Caster is all pushed to Literotica by chapter. It is taking them DAYS to review and release the chapters, but they are all up and awaiting publication. I hope everyone enjoys this fun romp. So sorry it is taking so long for the chapters to appear, but it is out of my hands.

For those wondering, the second novel, The Schooling of the Spell Caster, is being written. I promise it won’t be some Harry Twatter knockoff. For one, I can’t write with her flair for the use of the English language. I haven’t decided whether I will publish each chapter when written, yet. My experience with the first novel on Literotica greatly discouraged me. But it is cuming!


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