Typos and Errors in my Writing

I hate them. For the reason every avid reader hates them: they bounce you out of the story you are enjoying. Like hitting a speed bump doing a 100 km/h.

I just published a story on Literotica (My Son My Conqueror Pt 2) that was so terribly plagued with mixing the names up of my protagonist and her lover: Jennifer and Jessica. The names were too similar for my idiotic brain. That will teach me.

To everyone who had the displeasure of reading the original version: I am SOOOOO sorry. I proofed that thing a bunch of times. Somehow. Somehow! I missed that glaring error. I’m so embarrassed: The VERY FIRST sentence had an error in names.

The corrected version has been submitted. It can take many days for edits to appear on Literotica. Please be patient.

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