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LANA OCEAN is a pseudonym. She is an award-winning author of fiction in another genre, under her real name. Erotic fiction started as a lark and then suddenly she had written thousands and thousands of words.

She has compiled many erotic stories over the years and published using under the name Estcher. She is using a pseudonym because she wants to protect her true identity. Erotic fiction is not something you can brag about at cocktail parties. 

Lana lives in Canada.

The Spell Casters Series

What happens when the only way to cast spells is to get sexually excited? Meet Daniel Davies, a dirt poor farmer, who just may be the world’s strongest spell caster they have ever seen.

Meet his ladies, Amy, Amber and Jasmine. They’re infatuated with him. Will do anything for him. His power is an aphrodisiac, but they may be hiding something of their own…

Daniel Davies and his witches start school at the Adventurer Academy.

Book Three: The Rise of the Spell Caster (Coming 2023)

Other Works

Susan Chandler has been a tomboy her entire life. She is horribly assaulted while attending Community College, while eagerly trying to follow in her police officer father’s footsteps. Instantly condemned by everyone for how she defends herself, she flees, and is hunted by the FBI.

This story examines the world of a tomboy, now a woman who realises she wasn’t rejecting her femininity. Rather, she was rejecting what society was telling her femininity was. Never the damsel in distress, Susan goes to extraordinary lengths to protect herself, her family, and her own self-worth in a male-dominated society.

Jessica Smith, a single mother raising a wonderful and caring son, Desmond, discovers she has deep feelings for her son that go beyond a mother’s love when she discovers her son’s girlfriend looks exactly like her. She struggles to push those feelings away while coming to terms with a crisis of her own sexual identity.
This is a tale involving the love between two women and the unwanted desire to be with your son. Smalltown, USA will never be the same for Jessica.

Clara MacQuarrie is the Head of the English Department of her university. She’s well-read, published, smart and gorgeous for a middle-aged woman. But she’s alone in the world. Her friends have abandoned her and she doesn’t know why.

Then she sees a video of her neighbours and former friends. A crazy sex video.

Are her former friends swingers?

Jane Avery is mad at Clara MacQuarrie, the Head of the English Department at Bensenville University. Clara has joined the world of swingers and is crushing it. Jane won’t have it and steps in to bring Clara down.

Clara has friends in all the right places now. Can she get through Jane’s manipulations?

What’s a sexy English professor to do?

In October 1973, an Egyptian man, cut off from family finances, is desperate to find a saviour during the era of the Vietnam and Yom Kippur Wars.

Hasani is penniless, desperate for someone to take care of him. He turns to an elder Jewish professor in Washington DC and finds solace. Part One explores the first meeting,

This is a work based on factual events, made erotic for your pleasure.


A five-part series!

Peter Chase, self-made billionaire, and a selfish prick most of the time. He’s used to getting anything he wants in life until he encounters something much more sinister and is swept into danger and intrigue. With a healthy dash of eroticism.

Collected Works: Volume One

  • This is the first volume of six highly rated sex-filled stories. Open your mind to exploring wild explicitly described erotic encounters wrapped with stories that you will long remember with one hand slipped under the panty waistband. 

Collected Works: Volume Two

This is the second volume of six more highly rated sex-filled stories. Open your mind to exploring wild explicitly described erotic encounters wrapped with stories that you will long remember with one hand slipped under the panty waistband. 

“We have been raised to fear the yes within ourselves, our deepest cravings. But, once recognized, those which do not enhance our future lose their power and can be altered. The fear of our desires keeps them suspect and indiscriminately powerful, for to suppress any truth is to give it strength beyond endurance.” 

Audre Lorde, Uses of the Erotic: The Erotic as Power

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