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New Series Available NOW!

Hey erotica lovers! I’ve just pushed four of my five parts of my new series Philanthropy to Amazon! Keep an eye out! Very highly rated series (4.92 and 4.98). Philanthropy: /fəˈlanTHrəpē/ noun: the desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed especially by the generous donation of money to good causes. Example “He acquired a considerable fortune andContinue reading “New Series Available NOW!”

Kindle Free Promotion

I’m pleased to announce, seeing as Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, that I have decided to give away “The Schooling of the Spell Caster” for free from February 11-15, 2021.


I continue to write stories for Literotica. I simply love the platform and the ease of submitting stories. I’ve had stories bounce back to me at times for reasons that clearly mean some moderators have no writing background (i.e. bounced for paragraph length). I’ve been writing professionally for a number of years now., but writingContinue reading “Literotica”

New to the Scene

Wow! Here I am promoting my erotica! So exciting! I’ve been writing erotica for a long time and always as a pass time and never much more. It was a fun escape and allowed me to dive into my deepest desires. Now, I have three books available. Two are collections of my stories published firstContinue reading “New to the Scene”

Seriously? A BLOG?

I adore erotica. So deliciously cerebral and stimulating. Here I share my thoughts on erotica and provide updates on my new material.

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