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Reality Check

I’ve tried commissions. A few successes and one non-success. I won’t go into details, but one commission has left me wanting to never do this again. This non-success stripped me of my ability to write creatively and the feeling was smothering. I stopped writing for a couple of months there. Now and in the future,Continue reading “Reality Check”


So I’ve been writing commissions for some very interesting people. When I started this I had no idea that I would be also entering into opening up my world to conversations with strangers about sexual activities. I find it refreshingly honest and intriguing. Summer is fast approaching and with it I think I will beContinue reading “Commissions”

Open Request for an Agent

If you are an agent who specialises in authors who write erotica. Please contact me. I am interested.


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Seriously? A BLOG?

I adore erotica. So deliciously cerebral and stimulating. Here I share my thoughts on erotica and provide updates on my new material.

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