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Not Everyone Can Write!

It’s true! Not everyone can write. Just like not everyone can hop in an airplane and pilot hundreds of people safely from one side of the world to the other. And not everyone can sing. Like me. My voice is terrible! To be a writer, you need one thing not everyone has: the ability to…

Spell Caster Success!

Wow! My first two novels in my Spell Caster series are doing amazing on Literotica! I’m so surprised and so thankful to the wonderful readers who have been reading them and scoring them! The comments are outstanding to read, even the slightly negative ones. All constructive, too! Yay nice people! When I started this series,…

The Schooling of the Spell Caster

I finished it! Yay! I like where this is going and I’ve plotted out the next novel, The Rise of the Spell Caster. I’ve taken The Coming of the Spell Caster on Literotica and made it into one novel. This reduced my number of published stories down to 42, which is more realistic. Read them…


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Seriously? A BLOG?

I adore erotica. So deliciously cerebral and stimulating. Here I share my thoughts on erotica and provide updates on my new material.

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