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Happy New Year

2022. So amazing. Started with me catching the COVID variant Omicron despite all my best efforts to stay clear. I let my guard down briefly and WHAM! People, you don’t want to catch this! I am proudly double vaxxed plus booster, and it still knocked me on my bum. Hard. Only just recovered in theContinue reading “Happy New Year”

Shifting Focus

I felt I was taking Spell Caster in a poor direction and opted to set it aside for the time being. I am now writing a new series that is an origin story for Angela from Virginia Beach Romance (and Outer Banks Vacation). I call the tale “Debauchery” and I have posted Part One toContinue reading “Shifting Focus”

Schooling is Half-Written

I’m at around 50%. Longer chapters. Probably too much sex. Little gnome getting sexy. Witches getting witchy. Schooling is cuming along!

Change of Heart

Contrary to my last blog post, I opted to push my story The Coming of the Spell Caster back on Literotica for no other reason than I was letting them stop me from letting the readers read the story. Which was always the intent. The Coming of the Spell Caster is all pushed to LiteroticaContinue reading “Change of Heart”


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Seriously? A BLOG?

I adore erotica. So deliciously cerebral and stimulating. Here I share my thoughts on erotica and provide updates on my new material.

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