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Home for Horny Monsters (HFHM)

OH, my God! I just discovered an amazing author called Annabelle Hawthorne over on Literotica. The author writes an incredible LONG series called “Home for Horny Monsters” and with spin-off series. It’s Urban Fantasy with hardcore erotica. The premise, the storytelling, the masterful writing, is all there for you to enjoy. I’ve never promoted anotherContinue reading “Home for Horny Monsters (HFHM)”

Outer Banks Vacation

Hi everyone. I want to let you know I’ve posted a new story up on Literotica. It’s for the Summer Lovin’ 2021 contest and takes place in one of my favourite places: Outer Banks, North Carolina. The story is arguably one of my fastest rising stories since Escort Neighbour. It’s in the category Incest/Taboo; whichContinue reading “Outer Banks Vacation”

New Series Available NOW!

Hey erotica lovers! I’ve just pushed four of my five parts of my new series Philanthropy to Amazon! Keep an eye out! Very highly rated series (4.92 and 4.98). Philanthropy: /fəˈlanTHrəpē/ noun: the desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed especially by the generous donation of money to good causes. Example “He acquired a considerable fortune andContinue reading “New Series Available NOW!”


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I adore erotica. So deliciously cerebral and stimulating. Here I share my thoughts on erotica and provide updates on my new material.

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