Reality Check

I’ve tried commissions. A few successes and one non-success. I won’t go into details, but one commission has left me wanting to never do this again. This non-success stripped me of my ability to write creatively and the feeling was smothering. I stopped writing for a couple of months there. Now and in the future, I will be far more selective about whom I choose to write for. I’m too old for bullshit, arrogance, and mansplaining. I have no room for it in my life.

I also wrote my first gay erotica piece under commission. That was FUN and the lovely person I dealt with was wonderful and caring and open. We worked together and produced a lovely story called “Becoming Hannah”. I love it because the characters are so real and vibrant. And I think I may have found a penpal. It’s so wonderful to meet such a genuinely nice person in this crazy world.

I reached fifty (50) stories on Literotica the other day. Yay to me. Number 51 is with moderators and, as usual, it takes far too long to get a story published on Literotica.

In more happy news, I’ve picked up Spell Caster and I am writing hard to finish “The Schooling of the Spell Caster”. I like what’s happening in the story. Not much to do with actual schooling, but more about the characters I introduced in “The Rise of the Spell Caster” plus a few new ones.

This will be a trilogy. I can’t see myself writing more, but who knows, a bunch of positive reviews, book sales, and more, and perhaps I could be persuaded.

Spell Caster came about as I read a piece of TOP RANKED erotica off Amazon a couple of years back. It was horrible. Grammar and formatting being the worst of it. Shudder. I said, “I can do MUCH better without trying” and I’m pretty sure I have with this series. Sadly, not many sales. But I do write for the reader and the feedback and not the money. It’s what makes me happy.

Look for “The Schooling of the Spell Caster” in the next month or so. Once I get writing I am hard to stop. And I’m on a roll at the moment!

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