Moderators @ Literotica

Once bitten, twice shy. What happens the second time?

A while back I decided to push my erotica novel “The Coming of the Spell Caster”; which I published on Amazon, chapter-by-chapter to Literotica. Why? Because my novels are in the Amazon dungeon and no one was reading them. This made me sad. So I decided to push the novel on Literotica.

I submitted Chapter One on September 7th. At the start of the chapter, I wrote the following:

I wrote this story a couple of years back and published it on Amazon last year. For whatever reason I cannot generate sales on Amazon with my erotica. I’m in the dungeon. I’m also not promoting it.

I realised that the best audience for this is you fine folks here on Literotica. I have decided to push the novel, chapter by chapter, here for your enjoyment. There are eleven chapters.

Pretty clear, no?

At the end of the chapter I wrote:

Lana here, if you enjoyed this, and want to read the rest, the novel in its entirety is available on Amazon. Or wait for me to publish all the chapters here. You decide. Grin.

I then published Chapter Two on September 21st

I then published Chapter Three on September 27th

I then published Chapter Four on September 29th

The remaining chapters are all ready to go. I even have a calendar event to remind me to post a new chapter.

This morning I woke to find “Moderator has rejected you story” and Chapter One, and the next three chapters queued to be approved, were all rejected AT ONCE.


Dear Writer,

Thank you for your submission to Literotica. We appreciate the time and effort you’ve taken to write a story and submit it to our site . However, we’ve found that we cannot post your submission in its current form. The checklist below may help you in re-examining your manuscript.

  • While we welcome authors to publish shorter work on Literotica while promoting ebooks or other offsite projects on their profile page, out of respect for reader’s feelings, we would rather not publish partial works or excerpts as “teasers”.

Please feel free to re-submit the story after a Volunteer Editor has examined it, or after you’ve made revisions. You can find a list of Volunteer Editors here.

Please consult our Writer’s Resources section and make sure you read our submission guidelines:

If you have any questions on these, please let us know.

Thanks for your time, and look forward to reading you again!

Laurel & Manu

The first FOUR chapters were pulled down and declared “teasers”. This is twice now that Literotica has fucked me over. The first time actually made me ill for their reasons. I won’t repeat what they accused me of, but it was nasty, nasty, nasty. That first rejection and the “reason” messed with me mentally. This time is just pure lazy bullshit on their part. Note that I actually don’t promote my ebooks on my profile page. And I don’t in my stories. Except here I mention to people that the entire novel is available on Amazon and then I say “the rest is coming here, so wait…”

There is NO WAY to communicate with Literotica moderators. They don’t take the time to reach out to writers and explain what idiotic thing they are going to do next.

So I’m done pushing this novel to Literotica. You, the reader, have lost this one. I respected you. Literotica did not. Simple as that.

2 thoughts on “Moderators @ Literotica

  1. Oh … Don’t find that the rejection was any more then lazy do as little as they can attitude. I on the other hand enjoyed this story very much. And hope for more. I had no time to read for over 30 years, work had me reading tech. And writing training manuals.. No

    w I have the time to read. And I do avidly.. The spell caster was short but entertaining.. Keep it coming please…. Also I purchased the book. Even though I could of kindle unlimited it. I do support the works I like.. And I liked it alot


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